To work with purpose and passion to educate old, new and future drivers.



By educating all drivers and opening offices all over the world, we envision a safer driving generation, with improved accident statistics and much higher standards for obtaining a driver’s license.


Turning this vision into reality starts with observing, learning, experimenting and practicing. These four principles are explored at the International Driving Academy (IDA) in classroom settings, with each of these four sessions lasting from 20 minutes to more than an hour, if needed.



Learning the rules of the road begins with observation. At IDA, groups of all ages first observe a large model of a city, learning how to design the roads and how and where to place the traffic signs. Visitors are also able to identify cars that are violating traffic laws. Using a specially designed software, students learn how, why and where to install a number of traffic signs.



The second stop at IDA is a classroom where students learn about traffic rules, signs, history, road markings and much more. Our professionally trained instructors provide a presentation and video for the students.



Next, students go to the experimentation room, where they discuss different driving scenarios with the instructor and take multiple-choice tests on traffic rules. In this room, which accommodates 30 students, the instructor has a master computer that allows him or her to see each student’s answers and facilitate further discussion if needed.



The fourth and final stop is the driving simulators, where students can practice their skills driving a standard or automatic car in a variety of scenarios. Driving conditions in the simulators include bright sunlight, rain, snow, city and highway roads, day and night. The simulators are all connected to a master computer that provides a score for each student, based on his or her performance.